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The Planned Pain of the Target-Date Fund

Target-date funds have become widely used among participants in employer-sponsored plans. Vanguard reports that 78% percent of retirement plan participants are using at least one target-date fund and that 54% of participants are only using target-date funds.1 These funds are... Read More

3 Issues when planning for a successful retirement

The most important (and often skipped) first step in planning for retirement is identifying date & dollar specific retirement goals. Please see our post about that here! As part of planning for a successful retirement, each “future retiree” (your employees)... Read More

The Question

Will you outlive your money or will it outlive you?... Read More

You can’t plan without a plan.

Honestly, it doesn’t make much sense to participate in a retirement plan without a plan. How many retirement plans “enroll participants” rather than “help employees plan for a successful retirement”? Hint: nearly all of them. A retirement plan should help... Read More